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Hot cocoa sensory kit

  • Hot cocoa sensory kit
  • Hot cocoa sensory kit
  • Hot cocoa sensory kit
  • Hot cocoa sensory kit
  • Hot cocoa sensory kit

Picture this, you’re sitting back relaxing with a cup of coffee while your toddler is serving up their own cup of cocoa with their sensory kit! Any toddler will be excited to dig in and play. Our hot cocoa kit will keep your child engaged in play, using their imagination, keep their little hands moving, learning and creating fun cups of cocoa for hours on end.

- Sensory play is when toddlers use their senses and imagination to play.
- Sensory play promotes language development, fine motor skills, independent play, imaginative play and the list goes on.
- Sensory play is shown to help children focus. Children who may not be engaged in other toys might actually LOVE and thrive with sensory play. Pouring, scooping, moving things with their hands, feeling the different textures in the bin keeps them engaged and busy.

Directions for this kit are simple! Just open your kit, pour, arrange on tray and it’s ready for your toddler.

What’s included?
3 cups of brown chickpeas
2 small clear mugs
2 cocoa spoons
4 pieces of pretend chocolate
4 festive straws
20 white mini pom poms
Red and white pipe cleaner pieces
A pair of wooden mini tongs
Sprinkle of festive clay sprinkles

Your kit will come packaged in plastic bag, as shown. Tray is not included. You don’t need anything fancy for a tray. A cake pan, bowl or deep tray will do the trick. However if you are wanting a recommendation for a good sensory tray/box search, small modular storage box at Target. I have several of these and they are great for our sensory kits.

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* InstaPlay a sensory company is a mama owned and operated business. I strive to create fun, unique and engaging activities for busy moms to have on hand for their busy toddlers. InstaPlay kits make great birthday or special occasion gifts for the children in your life.

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***Warning, not intended for children under three years old. Small pieces/parts could be a choking hazard. Adult supervision advised.

***Rice/chickpeas are hand dyed by me in small batches, colors may vary slightly.

***If for any reason you are unhappy with your order or have ANY issues, PLEASE reach out to me. I want to make sure you're taken care of and happy with your purchase.